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Keratin Tip Extensions, also known as K-tip, is an individual extension that is applied using a heating tool. Our hair extensions are made with the best quality 100% full cuticle remy human hair, which means that the cuticles are intact and the hair runs from root to end. The average recommended wear is 3-4 months depending the hair growth and the density of the clients natural hair.  


In order to keep our hair high quality, we do not use chemicals. All of our wavy and curly extensions are steamed to achieve the curl effect. When the hair is dry, just like your own curly hair, the extensions also can look frizzy after brushing or touching them with your fingers too much, which is absolutely normal. We recommend that you style curly hair extensions when they are wet with your desired curly hair products but avoid touching the bonds (root area) and dry them with a hair diffuser or let them air dry. We guarantee long lasting curls.


  • Each pack contains 50 strands, 50 grams

  • Recommended order for Fine hair is 1-2 packs

  • Recommended order for Medium hair is 2-3 packs

  • Recommended order for Thick hair is 3-4 packs 


This method of extension has to be applied only by licensed professionals. Evelina beauty salon is not responsible for the results obtained from improper use of these extensions.


Color choice:

If you chose the wrong extension color and/or they need to be toned for any reason Please note, NO lifting  colors or lighteners of any kind should be done on our extensions. For desired results, please use deposit only toners.


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